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Seaconjure 101 - Brief Outline


What is sea conjure?

Just what it sounds like. Hoodoo or conjure based upon the sea. Instead of being all about roots, herbs, bones and minerals from the woods or a garden, you get as much as you can from the ocean or other bodies of water that can be considered those things. That is explained in further detail in the Shells, Bones & Graveyard Dirt chapter. It is not a heavily ceremonial or ritual-based path.

What do you call yourself?

I simply call myself a sea witch. The umbrella term fits nicely. Or, to be specific to this religion, sea conjurer. 

What are the typical tools of a sea conjurer?

Anything and everything we can get from the ocean. Of course some beaches belong to state parks and so beachcombing is prohibited. If that’s the case, buy from beachcombers online. Shells, sand, kelp, driftwood, beach glass, carcasses. There are different types of kelp and shells for specific purposes, but where you can’t find what you need you can always use your typical spice rack herb (the ones I’ve noticed used often are thyme, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, bay leaves, basil, oregano and rosemary).

How do I become involved in your practice?

I plan on making this a closed religion, so if you’re interested, I’ll start off by giving you my facebook. I’m really just beginning to create the bones and such at the moment so it may be some time before you can become properly involved. However, like I said earlier, you’re free to ask me questions here or on my facebook at any time. Maybe you’re interested in helping me? That’s fine too, though I warn you I know how I want the basis of this religion to be.

Can I worship my own deities? / What if I’m dedicated to another deity?

Yes, I highly encourage that. All this religion requires of your faith is that you trust in the Sea in all Her forms in your work.

What is absolutely necessary to be considered a part of this faith?

Using water, makeshift ocean water, or ocean water in the majority of your conjure. Instead of oils? Ocean water with the appropriate herbs. Instead of graveyard dirt? Use sand from the beach. Etc.

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